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Available American Eskimo Dogs

Eskies are very loving, devoted and loyal. They adapt to new homes quickly and once they decide you're their person they will never leave your side. They are not demanding though. They are perfectly content to be in your presence and don't require you to hold them or pet them non-stop like some dogs seem to require. They are very intelligent and easy to train--even at an older age. And they live a very long time--most of them seem to easily live 14-16 years. They are a very flattering breed to own.  Unlike goldens, they won't go with just anyone (human or canine). They are reserved towards strangers and want to spend their time gazing at their owner adoringly.  They get along fine with each other and other breeds but really prefer to be with the human more than being with other dogs.


The following adult Eskies are available.  Co-ownerships are also a possibility.


1.    We have a one year old toy champion, Classy.  She finished her championship easily and is very energetic.  She is currently doing nosework classes and would also be good in agility.  She should pass all of her clearances.  She is $2,000, negotiable to a working/show home.


2.    We have a 1.5 year old Grand Champion male who is possibly available to the right home.  He is started in agility and nosework and is very, very talented in both.  I am only considering placing him because I have too many males.  He is very affectionate and gets along with all people and other dogs.  His eyes are optigen tested "A."


3.      We have a spayed champion adult female toy, Zoey (4 years old). She just had her teeth cleaned and was spayed and is very healthy. She isn't overly fond of children but would be a great companion for someone who wants a dog to follow them around everywhere and/or sit on their lap.  She would also be a good agility dog--she is a very good jumper!  She is $300.


Photos are available upon request.















Please feel free to contact me about any of the above-listed dogs:  Helen Dorrance, 512-964-3294