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Daphne is in a fabulous new home and enjoys playing dressup!


Cody (Schroedter family) is definitely the winning team mascot


Belle (Ducat Watermark P.O.C. Bay Belle JH, owned by Jerry & Ann Fowler) after a successful day hunting


Cash & Sam (Stetson x Tipsy & Nelson x Arielle, owned by the Dillard Family) want to join in.

Grace on the beach
(Deke x Mimi, owned by Ann Fowler)

Gracie (Nelson x Arielle, owned by the Ziller Family)

Sammi (Miles x Arielle), owned by Val Casillas, 

had a very successful pheasant hunting trip. I'm sure that other dog in the picture had absolutely nothing to do with how many pheasants were retrieved . . . 


Callie (Truman x Arielle), owned by the Talash family, is a therapy dog.


"Rebel" owned by Kristina Kirby

(Jackson x Daphne)


Gabby (Strider x Zippy, owned by Christy Young), Yeager (Deke x Mimi, owned by Jamie Young) and Breaker (Jackson x Daphne)


Dante, owned by Alan in Seattle, is out of Deke x Cisco